Drinking Smarter

Yes, finally a cup that measures how much you drink and synchs it with your smartphone app.

Meet the Vessyl smart cup.

It’s a smart cup that can detect the liquid you’re drinking. The funny thing is it can apparently even detect the brand of what you’re drinking!

Vessyl can detect most liquids, including alcohol, yoghurt, smoothies. However, for the moment, it can’t detect any trace contaminants but apparently its on their to do list.

The Vessyl monitors the calories that you’re drinking. So if you’re into a healthy lifestyle, your Vessyl will tell you how many calories you’re consuming from your drinks.


Vessyl monitors sugar, caffeine of every hot and cold drink you’re having. Just don’t put your Vessyl in a dishwasher or microwaves, I am sure the sensors in the cup wont like it.

So now when you go into a restaurant and ask for Diet Coke and they give you Coke, you’ll know!

Get your Vessyl at http://www.myvessyl.com


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