How Do You Find Your Missing Camera?

If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of losing your camera, don’t fret. You can now use an online tool to locate your camera.


stolen-camera-finder helps locate your missing camera by using the serial number from the EXIF information of your picture (you have to upload an unmodified JPEG image) and searches the world wide web for a matching serial number. only works with JPEG and not RAW images (mainly due to the size of RAW files).

Then what happens?

There is no indication how fast you’ll get your camera but if finds a matching serial number on any picture posted online, it will attempt to gather as much information about the poster and send you the information. You can then forward the details to the local police.

Has this worked?

Let’s see what Kevin Hayes from Melbourne has to say about it.


And this is a map of cameras reported stolen and found.


Some of the best things in life are FREE ( I am referring to this site and not the stolen cameras 🙂  )

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