How Does Your Brain (Mental Ability) Compare With Your Peers?

Have you ever wondered how quick your brain functions compared to your colleagues?

Have you ever wondered which mental skills you excel in most?

Then maybe you should give Lumosity a go.

Lumosity is a brain training tool involving games. It’s based on extensive research in the field of neuroplasticity. There are many published results on the benefits on Lumosity.




You’re given a set of games each day which focuses on specific brain functions like memory, speed, attention and so forth. A sample of games are shown below:

This is one of my favourite games, guiding multiple trains into stations.


The game on the left tests your speed while the one on the right tests your memory (this is a hard one).



The observation tower building is an interesting memory game where you have to remember a sequence of numbers.


This is my hardest game. I am very bad in remembering names but I am improving:

Familiar Faces


After each session of 5 games, you’re shown your brain performance chart, indicating your scores for 5 aspects of your brain.


Lumosity also compares your performance with those in your age bracket:



Lastly Lumosity has data showing the skills different industries require of their people.

lumo-media lumo-millitary lumo-finance lumo-management

Constantly training your brain helps delay the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Dont you think that’s worth playing a few games daily?

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