How to Extract Maximum Information from Meetings

Always Be Prepared Before You Attend Meetings!

Before you attend a meeting, make sure you have the meeting’s agenda with you.

Make sure most of the items on the agenda are relevant to you.

Do your homework. Make sure you have adequate information on the status of these items.
People tend to lose focus in meetings when they’re not up-to-date with the item of interest.

Make sure you read relevant documents, especially if the document will be discussed in a meeting. A colleague of mine attended a meeting this morning where the client representative commented that the report was inadequate. When questioned on which section was inadequate, the client admitted he hasn’t read the document fully and was just commenting based on the thickness of the report. Dont be as foolish as this person.

Always end an item with an action plan or close the item.

Leave the meeting on time, regardless of whether all items have been covered. This sets the precedence to all attending on the value of covering each item within its allocated time. This helps eliminate idle chit chatter.
It may take a few tries before everyone commits to finishing a meeting on time.

Read the minute of meetings so that you can prepare for the next meeting.


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