How to Read More Books

I love to read. Always had and always will.

I used to love going to the book stores. The smell of new books. The amount of knowledge in that place.

I used to be proud of myself when I could finish a book very fast. I took pride in it until I realized that I couldn’t remember what I had read. Bummer.

The value of a book is not it’s price but the ideas that you get from it.
The value of a book is it’s price if you do not use anything that you’ve learnt from it.

Wise, fat man from Kepong

The above words struck me hard when I read them. I was like Wow. No wonder I am missing out on the knowledge these books had.

My dad used to tell me that books paint a different picture when you read it at different points in your life.

Max Joseph made a film about his thirst for books and I thought I’d share it with you here.

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