Keeping Your Brain in Optimum Shape

If you’re like me, you’ve wondered many times if your brain is slowing down while you’re aging. Well, apparently your brain does slow does if not constantly being used. Yes, you heard me right — to keep it functioning well, you have t use it daily, not sparingly.

Now, how much is 35.2 x 17.7?

Just kidding. I don’t even know what that answer is.

But can you remember phone numbers? I could. Before they invented the mobile phone and contact lists. Now I rely on my mobile phone for numbers and should anything happen to my phone in an emergency, that’s trouble.

So can you help keep your brain functioning in optimum performance?

The Human Brain




How about some salmon for dinner today? And tomorrow? And the day after?

Have lots of salmon if you can or other cold water fatty fish like ocean trout. These fishes have good fat called DHA. Human need about 900 mg of DHA per day. That’s equivalent to eating  a 15o grams slice of salmon or trout. And research has shown that 150 grams of salmon is enough to keep your brain feeling like 5 years younger.

How to slow your brain down?

Have sugar and refined carbohydrates (sugar, white bread, cakes, cookies, muffins,…you know the drill).


Exercise helps a lot. Exercise helps to trigger the formation of new blood vessels which helps the transport of nutrients into the brain. Your brain needs all the oxygenated blood it can get for optimum performance.

Try walking and jogging.

While I dont consider chess an exercise, but this is one game that will give your brain a run for its money. One of the oldest and most popular board games, playing chess will keep all your brain cells in optimum performance. Other board games will also do but why drive a Ford when you can drive a Ferrari? 🙂

Does Herbal Pills Help?

The funny thing about herbal pills is the disclaimer in the bottle saying something to the tune of for best effects, watch your diet and get some exercise. So I wonder which contributes to your mental well being — the pill or the disclaimer on the bottle?


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