Simplify Your Life With This 2-Minute Rule with Google Timer

This is a recent technique made famous by David Allen that has helped many get a little productive.

If something takes less than 2-minutes to do it, then just do it! Usually these are tasks that you can do but you’re just procrastinating. That’s what we’re trying to eliminate – our self procrastination.

When you start finishing 2-minute tasks, you’ll soon realise that it’s quite easy to continue. So if you dread writing that report, just aim to work on it for 2 minutes.

And here’s a trick. If your computer has dual monitors, then open Google in you Chrome browser in one window and type in the following:

set timer to 2 minutes

This will set a time in Google and Google will play a sound when the time is up. Now you have no excuse not to try this 2-minute rule.

You’ll soon realise that you can go more than 2 minutes once you start a task you dislike.

This is what Isaac Newton said when he said Objects are rest will tend to stay at rest, objects in motion will tend to stay in motion. He’s no productivity expert but he just explained a universal law that applies to everything in nature.

So I sincerely hope you’ll try this technique to help be more productive.



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