Bridge – An Actual Social Network


Finally, a real social network. And what do I mean by real?

Bridge is an app which lets you meet your Facebook (at the moment it only links to Facebook. Google+ users will have to wait) friends for real life activities. When you log in and depending on your preferences (mine was photography, chess and computer programming), you’ll see bridges (or connections who sahre the same interest) close to you (you’ll need to actvate your GPS for the app to work).



So lets say I saw a friend doing some yoga. I click on the yoga bridge and I get more details. I can then RSVP, so that my friend knows that more people are coming or I could send a message to ask for more information.

The map view below shows all bridges close to your location of your friends who share similar interests.



You can then click on the activity that you’re interested in and see who’s coming and even check on people’s profiles, just in case you’re worried on who’s attending. You dont want to be in the same place with your ex-, I understand!


At least now you get to meet real people, in a real environment!

Finally, an actual social network!