The World Has Changed

Everyone looked forward to 2020.

Then the Chinese brought us Covid.

Then the world moved slowly.

Things we used to take for granted, the simpler things in life, like going out for a walk, sharing meals with friends and families, became something of a past. Most of us were required to stay at home. The lucky ones managed to hang on to their jobs. The unlucky ones faced a very bleak future. Thankfully, there are some good Samaritans who helped all those who were not lucky.

Air travel has slowed down drastically. Countries have closed their borders — to outsiders. Illegal immigrants are left stranded.

Surprisingly, the country that gave us the virus is now selling us a vaccine. What a joke! And the vaccine is supposedly not as effective as the ones from Western countries. Go figure.

The rich countries have monopolised vaccine consumption for their own citizens. The poorer countries had to wait for their turn. This is always the case for poorer countries.

For once, the rich could not escape the virus. They couldn’t buy safety. The virus didn’t care about wealth.

But the poor suffered. The poor always suffer.

Doctors and nurses bore the brunt of the virus. Hospitals were overloaded with those who succumbed to the virus.

Wearing a mask helped. Then again, there was those who refused to wear a mask. Some died. Some were lucky to be alive. What they didn’t know if that they could have been asymptomatic (i.e. they didn’t show any symptoms of having the virus) but freely contaminated those around them. The weaker ones suffered and died. Selfish.

Life will go on. It’s been two years since the virus showed itself. The elderly suffered the most. They didn’t stand a chance. I am sure the insurance companies cheered.

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