Virtual Assistant for the Busy Person

When a friend mentioned that he hired a virtual assistant to do some of his chores of him, I wondered how a virtual assistant can possibly help a lay person like him. But he gets someone “in the cloud” as we don’t know where this person is, most likely in India as their written English is quite good, to update his blog 5 times per week, and other ad-hoc errands like talking to the people on Fitbit to change the color of replacement strap they sent him.


He subscribes to TimeSvr’s personal plan at USD69/month. Apparently they can’t do your laundry but they can do most online and customer service related errands for you. TimeSvr can help you make arrangements to send flowers to your spouse on your anniversary, help plan the best plane schedule for your family’s (with grandma) round the world trip, find your missing UPS package and so forth.

TimeSvr also offers a business solution but for you and me, the USD69/month all-inclusive option is adequate.

TimeSvr Pricing Plans

What’s the catch?

The task must be something that can be completed within 15 minutes. If it takes more time, you can buy some extra time packets. So you get the drift.

Now if you want TimeSvr to write your next school essay for you, that’s possible but when it sounds a little Indianish, don’t blame TimeSvr!


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