What is Awareness?

A man took his new hunting dog out on a trial hunt. Presently he shot a duck that fell into the lake. The dog walked over the water, picked up the duck and brought it back to his master.

The man was flabbergasted! He shot another duck. Once again, while he rubbed his eyes in disbelief, the dog walked over the water and retrieved the duck.

Hardly daring to believe what he had seen, he called his best friend for a shoot the following day. Once again, each time he or his best friend hit a bird, the dog would walk over the water and bring the bird in.

The man said nothing. Neither did his best friend.

Finally, unable to contain himself any longer, he blurted out, “Did you notice anything strange about that dog?”

His best friend looked at him, rubbed his chin pensively and said, “Yes, come to think of it, I did! The son of a gun cant swim!”


It isn’t as if life is not full of miracles.
It’s more than that: it is miraculous, and anyone who stops taking it for granted will see it at once.


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