Whatever You Do — Own It!

One of the secrets to a successful career is to take charge of your career — own it.

Stay focused on what you’re doing. Dont get distracted. Decide on what you want and focus on obtaining that. Do the very best in it because you will never know who’s evaluating your work.

Focus on your strengths. Sharpen them. Make the best use of them. If you’re an excellent analytical person, focus on doing analytical things and not waste your energy on things you’re not good at. Don’t blunt yourself by being a Jack of All Trade, Master of None.

Enjoy what you’re doing – whether it’s a success or a failure. If you failed or didn’t deliver something well, ponder on it for a moment – why did you fail – is this something you’re not good at and can’t be delegated to someone else or is it your mistake and if so, have you learnt where you went wrong? Either rectify the mistake of delegate it.

Own your life.
If you don’t, someone will own it for you, to make their lives better — not yours.

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