World’s Most Advance Activity Tracker

In my search for the latest activity tracker, I came across an activity tracker from a surprising company – Microsoft. Microsoft released it’s Microsoft Band activity tracker that really does quite a bit.

The reason I call it the world’s most advance activity tracker is because its the only tracker I have see thus far with 10 sensors! The Band is equipped with the following sensors:

  •  Optical heart rate sensor
  • 3-axis accelerometer/gyro
  • Gyrometer
  • GPS
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Skin temperature sensor
  • UV sensor
  • Capacitive senor
  • Galavnic skin response
  • Microphone



The Band does everything an activity tracker is supposed to, like monitoring your heart rate, tracking the distance you walk and run via the built-in GPS, tracks your calorie usage (and “high-fives” you when you reach your calorie goals), monitors your sleep cycle, provides you with fun and challenging guided workouts, sets performance goals for yourself and slowly increases them based on your performance and for all those of you in Australia, the Band measures the UV index while you’re out having fun.

In addition to these typical activity tracker features, Microsoft Band also syncs with your mobile phone to relay text messages, incoming calls and voicemails. Microsoft Band also syncs with your Calendar, Email, Facebook, Twitter, the weather and finance stocks.

An interesting feature of the Band is that it works with Apple, Android and Windows mobile phones. And if you’re using Windows Phone 8.1, you can take notes and set reminders with your voice using Cortana personal assistant.

Watch the Microsoft Band in action.

You can get the Band online.

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